The Team

Luis Clark

I’ve been passionate about radio, pretty much since birth! My passion for listening, grew into a passion for presenting, which turned into working on some of the biggest radio stations in the country. Over the years there’s pretty much not a corner of the UK that I haven’t worked in, in one capacity or another, […]

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Geoff Dorsett

Geoff is a music jock and 8 times award-winning DJ. He started his music career aged 13 with some local discos and by 18 was working with Mecca Ballrooms opening venues around the UK. In 1974 he was on air at the opening of commercial radio station Radio Hallam in Sheffield, followed by presenting shifts […]

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Rachael Bramhall

Rachael Bramhall (nee Howarth) started her radio career at Radio Clatterbridge hospital radio in 2002 presenting from the same studio where The Beatles had their first radio interview. The famous Liverpool skyline of Radio City tower then called where Rachael worked on an eclectic mix of shows. Rachael loves the sun and holidays so headed […]

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Keith Francis

Keith Francis started his career at the Decca Record Company as a recording engineer working for the London Records label. He also worked with Stanley Kubrick on the music for ‘The Shining’ (1980) and subsequently it’s sequel, “ Doctor Sleep” (2019). Keith also made music with Ray Charles and Bing Crosby! Keith turned his hand […]

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Phil Wilson

Phil has been on air for nearly 30 years playing the hit’s across the North East of England and the world, starting the bug for radio from when he was very young at the age of 4 with his Corgi Frisco Disco with microphone and headphones. Times have never changed as he now hosts Phil […]

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Bruce Edwards

Bruce’s interest in radio started as a kid in the 70s when his Dad gave him his old KB “Toaster” Bakelite Radio to listen to. Before he left school he was helping out at his local hospital radio station, and shortly after starting University in Sheffield in 1985, he started helping out on Hospital Radio […]

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