Rob Charles

Rob Charles was born in Nottingham on 17th September 1963. His broadcasting career began in 1982 at Wythenshawe Hospital’s Fab Radio. He also presented on a landbased pirate station in Stockport called KFM. In 1986 he joined Radio West in Mullingar, Ireland, moving later the same year to the Israeli offshore station, The Voice of Peace. After nearly six months in Israel, he followed the well-trodden path to Radio Caroline, where he worked alongside a number of former Voice of Peace colleagues. He was first heard on Caroline on 7th January 1987 and stayed until the end of February. He went next to Top Shop’s in-store stations in Manchester and Liverpool, as well as one in Debenhams, Preston. In 1990 the former pirate KFM was given a license to broadcast legally and Rob was the station’s first breakfast show presenter. KFM was later taken over by Signal Radio and Rob presented the evening show across the Signal network. Since then he has been heard on Rock FM, Red Rose 999, Century 105, Magic 999, The Bee and Sandgrounder Radio. He also has a weekly show on the internet reincarnation of The Voice of Peace. In 2015 his voice was heard on the BBC hit television comedy Car Share as a DJ whose show on the fictional Forever FM is playing on the car radio.